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Backpack Safety From Posture Expert for Back to School Students

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

School is approaching and everyone wants a new backpack. Well, here is some backpack safety for your body.

  1. Don't fill your backpack too heavy.

  2. Adjust the weight to different parts of your body when they become tired and burdened.

  3. Stand properly

  4. Exercise regularly to keep your body strong.

  5. Don't lay in poor positions that push your head forward.

  6. Buy a H.C. PAX backpack so you can move the weight to different parts of the body to let your burdened areas rest. Then you won't have to worry about how much weight is in the backpack.

We recently posted a video where we put 28lbs of rocks in our backpack to prove that you can adjust the top straps to take the weight off your shoulders. A 100% success. Actually, my nephew hit almost 50 lbs in the backpack before feeling weight on his shoulder.

We also made another video about backpack safety. It talks about Posture Pal and shows how the backpack works by showing how to adjust the straps with just 10 lbs of weight. After watching the 28lbs of rocks, it seems not as exciting but there is some good info in this video that isn't in the other videos.

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