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Haven and Chris love watching famous YouTube sensation Steven He. His videos are very relatable as they both spent many years in China so there is an instant attachment.

Haven was in 2nd grade and attended public schools in Chengdu, China and the backpack was heavier than anything we've so far encountered here in the US. I can see how there is easily "Emotional Damage" caused in wearing a backpack while in China. When Haven put on our backpack, she was instantly happy and she no longer has "EMOTIONAL DAMAGE."

"After school was finished, I used to carry her backpack for her on our way from home. I couldn't believe how heavy it was. I also used that time to teach her English vocabulary. Haven learned the word "cinder blocks" because that was how heavy her backpack was. I also totally get what Steven says about Chinese parents because her mom would make her wear the backpack to be an adult. Maybe that is why I am her favorite...Emotional Damage.," states Chris.

If you haven't already seen Steven He on YouTube, go check him out.

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