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H.C.PAX $39.99

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Living in an upside down world.

When we first introduced our Posture Pal, we originally sold it for $29.99 and increased our price to $100 with free shipping. Now, the opposite is happening. H.C.PAX has now lowered the price to $39.99 plus shipping.

Average Joe and plain Jane can now brag to having the latest posture technology at normal prices. Like the good old days.

While the price has changed, our backpacks are made with 600D standard high quality material used in 99% of the backpacks sold in the US. Working with the factory, we used the highest grade materials but we didn't add extra materials, extra colors, piping. Adding two, and three different style materials would have added to the labor costs and material costs resulting in a higher cost.

When I first started looking into expanding my Posture Pal line, I visited a factory in NingBo that produced North Face and American Eagle products. Our company uses the same options available to these companies but for this style, we went with a textured grey so we could have a black logo. We also wanted to have a big canvas to highlight our logo and Heart and Diamonds artwork.

The main strength of the company comes in the strap system. Without the strap system, we wouldn't have gotten into the backpack business. If a person wants a backpack that lets students become more comfortable carrying their heavy load around, H.C.PAX can't be beat. I mean, can you imagine... a backpack that doesn't even touch the shoulders?! How cool is that! The backpack has your laptop carrier. It has multiple pockets, two water bottle carriers. And, it is lightweight with extra padding only where it needs it.

This backpack was designed to be lightweight. Even the padding is aerated and made to breathe, allowing minimal weight to be added and good heat dissipation .

Padding doesn't really make the weight of the backpack disappear, our strap system does that by letting you choose where on the body you want the weight. The strap system truly makes the weight disappear off the shoulders, not thick expensive padding.

If you are looking to save money and don't care about flashy materials, this unique product developed by a posture expert is a hands down purchase. With the rate of inflation, I guess its great to take advantage of having low overhead to keep prices down.

"When I was in China and opened up my own English school, I charged less than the competition and easily filled my classrooms with students. I offered a top notch product at reasonable prices. Everyone involved was happy. When I first started H.C.PAX, I was always uncomfortable with the $120 price tag. But there was that pressure to keep up with the Jones and to have profit margins for everyone and their brother. Now that I've lowered the prices and to not rely on middle men, I feel normal and comfortable now," states Geisert.

I was recently interviewed by the Lowell Ledger. Here is what the journalist said, "As a journalist, I meet a lot of inventors and see a lot of products that make me skeptical. When I first saw the H.C.PAX website, I couldn't wrap my head around the product. After I saw Mr. Geisert demonstrate the product, I then tried it on for myself. I was pleasantly surprised to see his backpack actually does as it says. I was so surprised and happy about how the weight distribution worked. When I put a normal backpack back on to compare, I couldn't believe how much weight goes back onto the shoulders, "states Emma Palova.

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