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H.C. Pax Animation Done, New Sample Arriving

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Originally posted: April 13, 2022

The H.C. Pax short animation is finished and the factory is back to work.

H.C. Pax is happy to share that the final samples are finally getting made. The new factory has finished the sample. From the photos, the sample looks perfect. One thing that may be changed is the color of the logo. The original sample had a black logo. This one has a blue logo to see if we like it better.

Once the new sample arrives, we will be producing a "PAX CHALLENGE" video. After the new website is finished, we will be able to take pre-orders. The previous website company had a hard time fixing the checkout so H.C. Pax had to change website companies. After everything is back in place, H.C. Pax will shoot more "Pax Challenges" where we ask people to try on our backpack so they can feel the difference between a normal backpack and our patented "Pax."

The animation has also been finished. So, we are linking the video to the YouTube site.

Visit our animation to get a sneak peak about the H.C. Pax.

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