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Here We Come!

H.C. PAX merchandise is finally headed to America. After multiple prototypes, Covid delays, product improvements, photography, video and animation production, and finally production, H.C. PAX are finally shipping!.

Leaving manufacturing base by August 12th, 2022 and arriving at US Headquarters in about a month, the long wait is almost over.

Order your PAX now before they arrive and save 50% off. When shipment arrives in Ada, the price will go back to normal retail price.

The photo shoot just wrapped up. We posted new product photos with a model. The product video is being edited. The photos are also being edited and will be updated on the site when they come in. We couldn't wait and added them before they were edited so if you see a slight improvement soon, don't feel confused.

The product shots with the model show that you can wear our PAX in multiple ways. The video will also showcase PAX versatility. The most important shot is with the strap above the shoulder with space between the actual strap and shoulder. What other backpack have you seen where there literally is no weight on the shoulders.

Help us move the product!

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