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How Popular was Posture Pal?

Posture Pal was a favorite among the NUCCA chiropractors, chiropractors, their patients, people with back pain, and people wanting to improve their posture.

Posture Pal? What is Posture Pal? Posture Pal was a favorite forward head posture correcting device sold in the 2000's to chiropractors around the world. The NUCCA chiropractors really found a use for it in their practices. Ordinary people as well really loved the cushion as well, especially those dealing with common upper body aches and pains and especially those that wanted to look good.

But, don't take our word for it. You can use the "Wayback Machine" which is an Internet Archive for all popular websites. Simply go to:

We've found some testimonials from happy customers and have taken the liberty to bring back some old, fond memories.

"All my life I have had 'rounded shoulders' and not a very good standing position, since the first use of Posture Pal my shoulders have pulled back and I have noticed the strain I felt in my neck and shoulders disappear. I am more upright and my chest size seems to have increased because it is pushed out now instead of being pulled under. The first time I used Posture Pal I also noticed an adjustment in my TMJ within moments of standing up. Posture Pal is extremely comfortable and I find it very easy to completely relax and drift off to sleep often. Wonderful product!!! I now recommend it to my patients who are also noting changes in their posture - even from the first time of use!" -- Ian J Holmes, Bowen Therapist, Bradford, England

"I just received the Posture Pal today - and I absolutely love it. I knew what my neck has looked like since chiropractic school, and have been using all sorts of ideas trying to restore the curve to my neck. I had a lateral film taken a few months back, and to my dismay, my neck was still as straight as it was when I left school three years ago. Anyways, after using it for 20 minutes on my lunch hour today, I could notice a difference already -- so I had my CA take a lateral film to see if anything changed. I couldn't believe it For the first time in years, there was a curve! Obviously, I still have work to do, but I was amazed to see a physical change on x-ray after one use!" -- Dr. Lisa Olszewski, Chelsea, MI

"After so many years of physical abuse playing in the NBA, my body was really sore and tired. Then I discovered Posture Pal. What a relief! For the first time in many years my upper body is relaxed and free of pain." -- Wallace Bryant , former NBA Center and Power Forward for the Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Clippers, Philadelphia 76er's and Orlando Magic.

"It's working great! My shoulder is no longer hurting and my shoes are wearing properly (the actual sole of the shoe and not the side of the sole). I'm not a chiropractor, just a person who found your web site while searching for answers to my problem which I had figured out was impingement of my right shoulder because of improper posture because of the FHP. I no longer walk with my face pointing downwards, and I now see more of the world :) I do have to remind myself about my mental habit if I starting seeing my shoes again when walking." -- Chris Osborn, Long Beach, CA

"I have been using Posture Pal daily for about a month now in conjunction with physical therapy, and the results are amazing. My posture has improved remarkably, and my neck and shoulder aches are almost completely gone. This is probably one of the only products in the market that treats FHP problems with convenience, ease, and efficacy. I strongly recommend it." -- L. Pichoo, Malaysia

"Brilliant!!! There isn't a product out there as easy to use or as enjoyable as Posture Pal." -- Dr. Jeff Fountain, Boulder, CO

"Using PosturePal for only two days and I can already see and feel an improvement in my posture. My round shoulders aren't round anymore! Amazing!" -- Carolyn Wilson BTAA, Retired Nurse & Bowen Therapist, Lancaster, England

"Anyone who is concerned with proper posture and reducing physical stress on the body needs to have this technology in their office." -- Dr. Chris Long, Canmore, Alberta, Canada

"I was never really excited about selling products to my patients because most other things I have looked into didn't produce a consistent positive result until I discovered Posture Pal. My patients notice an immediate difference in their ability to improve their posture." -- Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, Jr., Northbrook, IL

"As a chiropractor, in addition to adjusting, I utilize several different types of devices for spinal and postural correction. I try them all myself so that I can relate to what the patient is experiencing and also because I too have a degree of "Forward Head Posture". Now, the Posture Pal is the only one I use for myself for 20 minutes, 5 days a week. Some of the devices I use are fairly aggressive and not tolerated well by some patients however I haven't found anyone who can't tolerate the Posture Pal. The number of patients I have using the Posture Pal is growing weekly." -- Dr. Bob Pull, Arroyo Grande, CA

"PosturePal has been really good for me. As long as I can remember my right hip has stuck out and therapy hasn't held it in place but now both my hips and shoulders are level. Great stuff!" -- Hilda Donaldson BTAA, IIHHT - Massage & Aromatherapist, Bowen therapist, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, England

"Posture Pal helps relieve the muscle tension I get from sitting at my computer." -- Sandy Wachowski, Kalamazoo, MI

"I had terrible neck pain either sitting or standing. I knew my posture was poor and my therapist suggested I use the PosturePal daily and call him again in two weeks. Now, two weeks later, I am free of pain and I can't believe it! It's terrific!" -- Alex Foulds, Barnoldswick, Lancashire, England

"I like it a lot. It's helping with my lower back. I'm going back to the health club tonight, which I've not been able to do because of the pain I've had since July. It's pretty cool." -- Sheila McClees, Chicago, IL

"I love the Posture Pal. I'm a truck driver by trade and 8 to 10 hours a day with my arms forward and that's why my shoulders were rounding. The Posture Pal works great - its relaxing and rejuvenating." -- Bob VerBurg, Caledonia, MI

"Posture Pal is the best one-stop posture product I've seen." -- Rob Foster MS, PT, Rockford, MI

I would like to say how fantastic the PosturePal is that I recently bought from you.

As a classically trained singer I have great awareness of diaphragmatic breathing and understand the importance breathing plays, not only for singing but for our overall well being and health.

From the first time I used it, I noticed a significant increase in my lung capacity.

My singing teacher also noticed a huge difference in my singing and was astounded by the massive improvements in my breathing. My singing has become much more controlled and powerful and this has only happened since I started using the Posture Pal just a few weeks ago.

I have also noticed improvements in my overall posture and mobility in my neck, shoulders and back. The best money I have ever spent! Thanks for everything. -- Jenny Mason-Briggs - Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

"When I use Posture Pal I am more energized! My neck and back pain are gone, and I can spend time reading and using the computer. My sleep has improved too. Posture Pal is the greatest." -- Karen E. Boyd, Kentwood MI

"I read an article about the Posture Pal and I knew I had to have one. It met and beat all my expectations!" -- Alexa Bruining, Allendale, MI

"Enjoying a career as a New York runway model for high profile clients demands looking my best. The maintenance of a healthy body is a long term requirement. Posture Pal helps me to stay looking my best." -- Mike Tuma Grand Rapids, MI

"Posture Pal works better ththe other products I've tried and is a lot more comfortable than the posture straps you have to wear all day." -- Joshua Randell, Grandville, MI

"I have only used Posture Pal for 5 days, but already I have noticed an improvement in my cervical lordosis. It feels great the way it also opens up and stretches my cervicothoracic junction." -- Dr. Andrew Mutzig, Leederville, Perth, Australia

"I like to use my Posture Pal in the morning before I go to work to stretch and to help me look my best at work. It also helps keep my body feeling good all day so my upper back doesn't get tense from slouching." -- Robert Harasim, Las Vegas, NV

"I had a job for electric welder been 40 years made my head, shoulder and back bent forward always. Only 2 month after I used the Posture Pal then everything was improved much. I am sure now it would be my best pal in life." -- Lianzhang Song, a retired worker of Dalian shipyard, Liaoning, China

"What I like about Posture Pal is that it provides a stretch to the pectoral girdle and an extension mobilization to the thoracic spine. The majority of my patients present with forward head, rounded shoulders, and excessively kyphotic thoracic spine. This results from extended time sitting with your arms forward as occurs with computer use. Posture Pal is ideal for reversing the effects that gravity has on the body all day. It is also useful for people who cannot get up and down from the floor as it can easily be used on the bed." -- Dr. Josiah Anderson DPT, Los Angeles, CA

"I have found your Posture Pal to be very helpful in making my posture better and lessening my pain. I am in Florida on vacation now and I took it with me! At first I found it hard to take the time to use it, but soon learned that I felt better when I did." -- Virginia Whitham, Saranac, MI

"Posture Pal is a very easy to use, comfortable, and an effective device to help restore proper posture and improve related physiological functions." -- Dr. Freud, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"I ordered a Posture Pal to evaluate recently. I have been using it and suggested my wife should give a try as well. One day I was laying on it and asked my wife how she was feeling (earlier in the day she had a headache that was not improving even after a specific chiropractic adjustment). She replied that the headache was still bad. I said she needed to take care of her reversed neck curve and start using the Posture Pal regularly and that she should start right now. I brought the Posture Pal to her to use while she lay on the couch. After the 20 minutes I asked her how she was feeling and she exclaimed that the headache was 95% gone! While laying on the Posture Pal you can feel the posture improving pressure on specific parts of your body; neck, shoulders, thoracic spine and chest muscles. The head is in a mildly extended position and should improve forward head posture with regular use." -- Karl R.O.S. Johnson D.C., Shelby Township, MI

"Let me start this letter off by saying how pleased I am with my purchase, Posture Pal. I just wanted to thank you, for designing such a wonderful product. My patients love it. I would recommend your product to any doctor or anyone else who is looking to improve and correct their posture. I command you on your professionalism and how you made the whole process painless and easy. Thanks for quality customer service which was second to none." -- Dr. David Nahali, Orlando, FL

"Keeping up in the field of dentistry and seeing a lot of products that address concerns for my patients, I learned about Posture Pal and its ability to help TMJ patients. I find it to be the best product out there that works." -- Josh Joshua D.D.S., Muskegon, MI

"The Posture Pal is a miraculously simple assistive device which could allow everyone to experience the naturalness of normal good posture. Thank you for making this product available and affordable to my patients." -- Dr. Karen DeYoung, Alexandria, Virginia

"I ordered your product and had one of my patients try it and she really has benefited from it. In fact she began to have an increase in her pain when she didn't use it and had to return to see me. She fortunately has been corrected and now back to using the product and is very satisfied." -- Judith Whatley P.T., Houston, TX

"PosturePal has definitely helped my TMJ (jaw). It used to crunch and grind. It is now smooth and free of pain and noises." -- Karen Eastham, Nelson, UK

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