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New Backpack Coming with Patented Weight Distribution System

"Great. You have a new backpack....(sigh) What makes yours so special?", says skeptical people.

"My utility patent," smiles Chris Geisert.

When the four straps meet in the center, and the center is stable, it allows magical things to happen. Would you believe me if I told you that you won't have any weight on your shoulders? Well, be prepared to be WOWed.

With the stabilizing center piece, it allows the weight to be placed anywhere on the body in regards to how you have each strap set up. Do you want weight on the left shoulder and right hip? Now you can. Do you want your backpack weight on your chest and left hip? Now you can. Do you want to wear it like a normal backpack? You still can.

Simply connect the Velcro, lock in the buckle, and adjust each of the four straps how you want the weigh distributed. That's it. Science does the rest.

H.C. PAX made a small introduction animation that incorporates the name PAX with its actual function. Hence the name of the new backpack, PAX. Soon, PAX CHALLENGE videos will be made once production on the finalized backpack, or PAX starts. Then Pre-Orders. We will post an article when Pre-Orders start.

The retail price of the PAX will be $125 but the Pre-Order sale will be 50% off!!!

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