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Patent Found for H.C. Pax Posture Backpack

Originally posted March 20, 2022

The patent for posture backpack is good for another 8 years.

H.C. Pax patent for their posture backpack has been found.

Two patents were filed by Posture Pal inventor while he was supervising manufacturing of his famous Posture Pal cushion and marketing materials. One was for a hat that improved forward head posture position while also allowing for strengthening of the posture muscles in the back, neck, and along the spine. The second was for what is becoming known as H.C. Pax posture backpack or posture schoolbag.

The patented posture backpack, or schoolbag allows a person to adjust four straps to shift the weight burden to different parts of the body. The company is currently working with an animator to turn the logo into a brief introduction animation to show the feat of the straps and will be used before videos.

"I was awarded two patents at the same time. We were also pregnant with my daughter, Haven, who is my business partne

r for this adventure. I decided t

o let the hat patent die and paid for the whole length of time for my backpack invention as the hat, while it works great, seemed a little gimmicky," states Chris Geisert.

"When we moved back to Chengdu to have Haven, it was too hard to do everything by myself so I let the company die. Now that Haven is older and we are back in the US, it seems right to do this project with her. It is fun working with her. The logo is hers. The name is hers. I think the only thing I have to offe

r is the strap design and writing the preliminary press releases. Are press releases even a thing anymore? After that, I think it will be all Roblox, Youtube and TikTok advertising and I will be out of the loop. I won't get to do the "cool stuff" anymore. But that'

s life, let the young ones have their way because they know everything," says Geisert

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