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Now that the easy work (getting a patent, prototyping, getting a finished product into production, setting up the website) is finished; now comes the hard work, selling our creation.

The hard work, fingers crossed, won't be so hard with our "Pax Challenge." During the early summer, Chris and Haven, attended a Children's Business Fair in Ada, Michigan to practice their "Pax Challenge." At first, it felt a little awkward talking to potential customers. But after the first few customers tried it and we honed in our sales pitch, it became fun as we already knew what the potential snags would be so we were ready to address any questions and concerns.

"We saw how happy the customers were when we kept adding weight to the backpack and they didn't feel any weight being placed on their shoulders. But I still think my dad just got lucky with his design," chuckles Haven. "I don't want him to get a big ego."

Last week, Chris practiced the "Pax Challenge" with his nephew, Hayden. Hayden has been lifting weights and just gained 25lbs of muscle so he had plenty of weights to put into the backpack in his basement gym. Starting off with 10lbs, we kept adding 8.8lbs of weight. It was close to 50lbs added before Hayden felt any weight on his shoulders. He soon had to leave and we weren't able to film it, but it gave a good indication of the max weight to shoot for: 50 POUNDS!

Google has just approved H.C. Pax's AdWords account and now the company can start advertising on Google.

Once the "Out of This World" animation is finished and posted, Chris will start working on producing the "Pax Challenge" videos.

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