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PAX is Out of This World!

The only backpack in the Universe with the Anti-Gravity Strap System coming to a Galaxy near you.

H.C. Pax is working on its next advertising animation. The concept is an astronaut in a very far away galaxy looking at a billboard from H.C. Pax. Why not advertise in other galaxies? If aliens want to go shopping, come to the Milky Way Galaxy for something you can't find in the Andromeda or GN-z11 Galaxy! But, if the aliens are patient enough, they will be able to buy H.C. Pax in their Galaxy in the near future.

Our patented strap system is so unique and special, if you want it, come to the Milky Way. In the initial planning, one intellectual obstacle was where the billboard would be in space. Would it be in front of the sun? We shot that idea down as the idea of the billboard being in front of a bunch of different Galaxies made more sense. Kind of like if you see all the different Galaxies and wonder which one you want to go to. With the billboard, you will decide to go to the Milky Way.

On the billboard, we call our patented strap the ANTI-GRAVITY Strap System which makes a lot of sense. We wanted this advertisement to be in space to symbolize that with our strap system, you can move the weight around to anywhere on the body. All other backpacks, the weight is placed on the shoulders. This helps hit the point home. Move the weight around, defying gravity due to the physics of our straps.

So.... what makes our backpack so special? Watch our animation to see. Anti-Gravity. So cool.

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