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Play Arena of Valor -Win a FREE PAX

This offer is not an official Arena of Valor offer, but it would be awesome if it was. Chris Geisert, inventor of H.C. Pax is still an avid Arena of Valor after all these years. His screen name used to be CHENG.DU after the city Haven was born in and because the city itself is so awesome.

A few days ago, Chris changed his name to H.C.PAX in the AOV game.

If you want a chance to win a FREE H.C.PAX backpack when they come in, add him and play a ranked game on his team. If the team wins, we will send you a FREE backpack! If the team loses, he will cry tears and be in a grumpy mood so you better be good. And don't make him go back to the Diamond level because he is Veteran level now. Help him get to MASTER Level. He really wants the ruby!

Chris plays Ormar support, Valhein marksman, and Omen Slayer lane. He is a terrible jungler and an average middle lane mage. So, if you want to win, a word of advice. You won't win if you don't help kill the dragons....all the time.

So, go add H.C.PAX as a friend in AOV and play ranked for a chance to win a free H.C.PAX. You only have one chance to win and will only win one backpack. Chris's biggest ranked winning streak was 14 games in a row. Yes. 14 ranked games in a row!

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