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Posture School Bags for Middle and High Schoolers

School bags for middle schoolers and high schoolers usually have the same features, but they never really fixed the burden put on their shoulders until now.....well, 12 years ago.

Twelve years ago, Posture Pal inventor was living in China watching over manufacturing and developing new posture products. It took about 40 revisions and visiting backpack factories all over China to finally get something important.

It was so important, it was granted a Utility patent to the Posture Pal and Posture Cap inventor. The reason you haven't seen a backpack like this for 12 years is that there wasn't a right time to launch it until now. "When I first started to live in China, I saw a lot of competition in new backpack designs. There hasn't been anything really interesting in a long time. Now is the time to launch it, especially with my daughter being in the target audience," states Chris Geisert.

"The last two samples I got from the different backpack factory haven't been perfect. I'm hoping this sample I get in the next few weeks will be as good as the sample made 12 years ago. The factory is having a hard time because they have never seen anything like it," states Chris Geisert, co-founder of H.C. PAX with his daughter Haven.

A few weekends ago, there was a business children's fair in Ada, Michigan and H.C. PAX attended to practice their "PAX CHALLENGE." The PAX CHALLENGE is when you put the backpack on, adjust the four straps and add a bunch of weight. PAX wins if the person wearing it doesn't feel any weight on their shoulders. PAX won the every time when it was properly adjusted and it wasn't oversized or undersized. The backpack worked great on middle school and high school students the average weight, height and build. All the school kids loved the backpack and said they couldn't feel any weight on their shoulders.

PAX CHALLENGE a success!

When the bigger adults tried it,

the PAX looked too small for them and they had a hard time with the lower straps being long enough. When the real young kids tried PAX, it was just too big.

With our H.C. PAX pax, the four straps are adjustable allowing a person to decide when and where they want the weight distributed. If you want absolutely no weight on the shoulders, make the top straps loose and the weight will be transferred to the chest, lower back and hips. If you want the weight on the left side, make the straps tighter. Its amazing how well it works and how simple it is as well.

Another advantage of the upcoming PAX is that it will be bigger than your normal backpack which will give the students more things to put in their bag, like articles of clothing, blankets and other bulky stuff. And it won't be a burden on their bodies. If their lower backs get tired, simply make the top straps tighter and the weight is now on their shoulders.

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