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Posture Pal Inventor Bringing Patented Backpack to Market

Posture Pal was a favorite posture correcting cushion that was comfortable, easy to use and worked. Now, comes a backpack that will be even more popular due to its design.

Posture Pal Inventor Bringing Patented Backpack to Market

Originally Posted February 20, 2022

A cushion that corrected forward head posture, loved by many. Now, a backpack to be loved by even more.

Posture Pal inventor, Chris Geisert, is bringing his patented backpack strap system to the market place. This time, his business partner is his daughter, Haven.

"I went to China to watch over Posture Pal manufacturing, packaging, and product development. I was about to launch 5 products I developed at once, but life happens. Now, I see a window of opportunity to do something extraordinary with my daughter, now that she is older." says Chris Geisert, inventor of H.C. Pax and Posture Pal.

H.C. Pax is a father daughter collaboration where two minds are better than one. "I used to come up with great names, but my daughter bested me with H.C.Pax. I thought Bax Pax was good, but I was set straight. We used my favorite drawings she used to do when she was younger and had a designer spruce it up a bit to make our logo," states Geisert.

Pax straps are adjustable and truly allow the weight in the backpack to be placed on the shoulders, chest, hips, lower back, and any combination you want. If you don't want any weight on the shoulders, simply loosen the top straps. If you want to wear it like a normal backpack, don't attach the straps together.

Do Pax Straps help posture? Sure. By allowing the body to rest at different times, it is easier to maintain your posture. Plus, the strap system sure looks cool. The straps move the weight around so you can give your shoulders a rest, or lower back a rest, or chest a rest when you want.

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