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Production Started on Patented Backpack PAX

July 4th is Independence Day. On this Independence Day in 2022, H.C. PAX approved the production of the third production backpack sample for sale to the masses and made the 30% payment to the factory to start production on PAX. It is a big important day for Chris and Haven Geisert to have his 3rd patented posture invention come to market.

It will take about 45 days for PAX to be made and another 35 days for shipping. Estimated arrival at headquarters is in September, 2022.

As H.C. PAX is a backpack company, we are already working on more than one style of backpack. Another sample has been approved and will be shipped by FedEx in the coming weeks. This second style backpack was going to be our original backpack, but because of PAX being a brand new style backpack, there was a lot of tweaking to making the shoulder straps sit correctly while keeping the focus of how the straps are intended to work correct. We are excited to have the fourth production sample in hand and look forward to start production as well to offer consumers more than one choice. Production of the second style will start after sales of the first are strong.

We are also currently working with Google to start our Adwords campaign. As Google has strict protocols, we will be submitting paperwork proving H.C. PAX inventor of the backpack and Posture Pal. Once this hang-up is cleared, advertising will start ramping up and H.C. PAX can start working past the prototyping and manufacturing stage and onto the marketing and sales stage.

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