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Second Posture Patent Found Dead

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

The Posture Cap (patent) is Dead!

H.C. Pax and Posture Pal inventor found his second invention patent dead!

While in China overseeing the Posture Pal cushion manufacturing, two patents were obtained by Chris Geisert. One for a posture backpack and the other for "The Posture Cap."

The Posture Cap is a hat with straps that ran down the back. The straps were sewn on at a specific angle to work its magic. If you could feel the straps on your back, you were in poor posture position. The straps were also elastic allowing for resistance exercising to strengthen the posture muscle to hold the head in correct position easier and allow for better strength.

The ear position of the hat was carved out so it wouldn't irritate the ears while using the product.

"When you pulled on the straps, that gave the needed resistance to strengthen the posture muscles. You also knew if you were in correct posture position if you felt the straps or not. Really quite simple. Once you no longer felt the straps, you knew where to hold your head to improve your posture and hold your body in 0 degree forward head posture position." states Chris Geisert, inventor of Posture Pal, The Posture Cap, and now H.C. Pax posture backpack.

The Posture Cap patent was left to expire but the backpack strap system was paid in full for the whole 20 years of the life of the patent. 8 years remain.

Working with the straps to make The Posture Cap helped pave the way for the backpack strap system. With his expertise developing Posture Pal, H.C. Pax is the third patented posture product of the company. This allows a comfort level with our customer base in knowing that our products work and work well.

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