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What is a "PAX"?

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Originally Posted on March 2, 2022

Inventor of the famous Posture Pal forward head posture improving cushion is doing it again with his backpack, or PAX. Another patented product that helps people with normal problems such as sore shoulders from wearing a backpack.

What is a Pax? A “PAX” or “PAX Straps” is a patented backpack, or schoolbag, developed by Posture Pal inventor. Posture Pal was a patented therapeutic cushion that helped people fix their posture and reduce their forward head posture and was sold in chiropractic offices worldwide. The name PAX incorporates the shape of the straps into the name and shortens the term backpack.

A Pax or Pax Straps is a new strap system that lets people distribute the weight in their backpack to different parts of the body. It is now possible to wear a backpack, or schoolbag, with no weight on the shoulders. Or, you can wear it exactly like a normal backpack. It is truly adjustable.

Will Pax improve posture like the Posture Pal? No. It wasn’t specifically designed to improve posture. While it won't improve your forward head posture, it makes it easier to keep your posture. It was designed to allow a person to adjust where they want their backpack weight. If a body part is tired or stressed out from carrying too much weight, they can easily move that weight to a different part of the body or distribute it more evenly to all sections of the body. It also secures the backpack to the body so you don't have the annoying falling straps.

“It is so easy to use, so comfortable, and so stable; people are going to yell at me for taking so long,” says Chris Geisert, inventor of Pax or Pax Straps and Posture Pal.

H.C. Pax logo is based off drawings Haven used to draw when she was a toddler. A designer was used to commercialize it so it looks more professional. The name itself, H.C. Pax was also Havens. Chris wanted Bax Pax but was told it wasn’t any good. “My dad wanted to name the company Bax Pax, but I told him it sounded weird. Thankfully he listened to my suggestion and we are calling it H.C. Pax. Everyone is really happy with this name,” states Haven.

The factory is currently producing a Pax sample and once it has been approved, production will begin. The factory has been found and the sample fees have been paid. Now we wait to make sure it’s perfect.

The first Pax will be a limited edition featuring Haven's artwork. After the first run, we will start to offer more Pax products for everybody’s tastes. The first run will also be a good learning lesson for Haven who is now getting her feet wet in the now multi-generational family business.

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